Top 4 Banks Which Provide You Instant Account Opening With Zero Balance Facility

1. Mahindra Kotak Bank

Kotak Mahindra Bank is one of the best service provider banks in India. The bank was founded in 2003 by Uday Kotak. As of 2019, the bank’s net income is 560 million US dollars. This bank provides you with instant account opening. So that the bank account holder can start using the account instant. This account is named as Kotak 811. In most parts of India Kotak 811 can be used in account branches as well as using simple kyc. If you have problems with the branch, you can also open an account by computer / laptop or downloading the bank app on your Android mobile. Let’s see what are the key uses of this account.
Kotak 811 Account Features

  • Aadhar card, PAN card and your Mobile Numer are required thing to open a Kotak 811 account. Without it you can not open an account.
  • This account gives you zero balance facility, so you won’t have to charge monthly average balance.
  • Virtual debit card is provided free of cost with this account. physical debit card too. Card charges Rs. 199, which is deducted from your account.
  • Internet banking and Mobile banking are provided with this account, which does not incur any charges.
  • We can do NEFT / RTGS / IMPS transactions through internet banking as well as mobile banking. None of which is charged by the Account Holder.
  • The bank gives you 6% interest on the deposit you put into the account.
  • An account that you opened on mobile or with the help of the web needs to be kyc within 12 months, otherwise your account will be freezed in accordance with bank terms and conditions.

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2. Canara Bank

Canara Bank is a major commercial bank of India. It was founded in India in 1906 by Sri Ammambal Subba Rao Pai, a great visionary and philanthropist. Due to this, it is one of the oldest Indian banks in India. As of 2013 Canara Bank had more than 3600 branches in India and other countries, with maximum number of branches in Bangalore. Its head office is located in Bangalore. Canara Bank established its International Division in 1976 to give necessary force to foreign exchange business, especially to oversee the functioning of its various foreign departments to cater to the needs of exports and NRIs. The bank has an international presence in centers such as London, Hong Kong, Moscow, Shanghai, Doha and Dubai. In terms of trade, it is one of the largest nationalized banks in India, with a total turnover of Rs 598,033 crore.The Bank Provide Instant Account Opening Facility.
Canara Bank Diya Account Features

  • Aadhaar card, PAN and Mobile Number card are required to start Canara Bank Instant Bank Account.
  • To open Canara Bank account, proof of identity card, proof of address, passport size photo and account opening form will be required by the bank. (Offline Bank Account)
  • Canara Bank Account can be opened individually, joint account, minor account, and other accounts. (Offline Bank Account)
  • With this account you get a Rupay/Visa/Mastercard Debit Card.
  • In order not to be deducted from the monthly average balance charge account, we have to keep Rs 500 for rural account holders and Rs 1000 for urban account holders.

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3. Axis Bank

Axis Bank is a Third largest private sector bank in India (Formerly UTI Bnak). The Axis bank was established in 1979.
The bank is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. According to a survey of March 29, Axis Bank has 9 branches in India, 5 ATMs and 9,990 cash recycling machines, besides nine international branches.
Axis Bank ASAP Account Features

  • To open a Axis Bank ASAP Account the mandatory documents are Aadhaar card, PAN and Mobile Number.
  • You can start to use your Axis ASAP bank account instantly after complete the all steps of account opening.
  • Just you have to deposit minimum 10,000/- rs of initial deposit in this account, after that you can withdraw it using BHIM upi or other transaction facility.
  • The bank account gives you higher interest on your saving, Also you can FD your ammount in this account.
  • Axis ASAP bank account is zero balance facility account, so that you don’t have to pay any charge of non maintainance of balance.
  • This account provides you virtual debit card as well as Physical Mastercard/Visa Debit card. for physical card you have to pay some charges, as bank fixed in its fees and charges section.

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4. IndusInd Bank

IndusInd Bank Limited is an Indian new generation bank in Pune, established in 1994. The bank offers commercial, transaction and electronic banking products and services. IndusInd Bank was inaugurated in April 1994 by the then Union Finance Minister Manmohan Singh. IndusInd Bank is the first of the new generation private banks in India.
The bank started its operations with a capital amount of Rs. 1 billion among which Rs. 600 million was raised by Indian residents and Rs. 400 million was raised by non-resident Indians. The bank has specialized in retail banking services and has continuously upgraded its support system by introducing new technologies. It is also working on expanding its network of branches across the country, meeting the global benchmark. According to the bank, its name is derived from the Indus Valley Civilization.
IndusInd Bank Indus Online Account Features

  • To open Indus Online bnak account all you need Aadhar Card, Pan Card & Mobile Number.
  • This account provide you personalized bank account number as your mobile number you give at the time of registration.
  • The account also provide zero balance facility, just you have to add initial deposit amount as per bank says.
  • You can also apply for personalized physical debit card, virtual debit card comes by default with account.
  • The main advantage of this particular account is, you can use bnaking with your whatsapp.

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Top 4 Banks Which Provide You Instant Account Opening With Zero Balance Facility

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